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The Missing Ingredient
is dedicated to the memory of our loved ones. The recipes in this collection will honor those who are missing in our lives. Honor a family member or friend and share their stories to keep their memory alive. Please send your stories and recipes to Temple Israel to be added to our online database.

Browse through our favorite recipes and meals!

Kennedy Brownies

Recipe contributed in honor of Ann Goldstein

by Becca Goldstein Groothuis and Deb Goldstein Baum

Ann Goldstein will be remembered for her smile, optimism, compassion – and her brownies. Every week after Sunday school, her girls came home to the smell of brownies. We share the recipe in her honor.


Recipe contributed in honor of Shirley Kishenbaum by Teresa Ruback

My Husbands Baubie Shirley was full of Life and enjoyed having her family come together every Friday night for Shabbat Dinner. This is something that she taught me to prepare and I have wonderful memories or her and I "Rolling out the Dough"

Yeast Roll Schnecken

Recipe contributed in honor of Gertrude Simon by Kathy Simon

My mother-n-law Gertrude Simon was an excellent cook, baker, and hostess. 

As I was looking for one of her many delicious recipes its was easy for me to pick this one because she said this is "my favorite!" P.S. The recipe might be hard to follow, but if you are a cook, I think you can understand her recipe. By the way very yummy!

Farfel Bake

Recipe contributed in honor of Sylvia Coren

by Fran and Mickey Coren

Sylvia fixed this side dish often with her brisket and other main dishes. It is delicious and compliments any meal. When she could no longer have dairy products she substituted chicken broth for the cream soup and the dish was still very good. 

Meat/Cheese Blintz

Recipe contributed in honor of Ida Sacks, by Shayna Sacks

All I can say is that the woman was the best cook I have ever known. Shabbat dinners at her house every week. Baking and cooking constantly for us, and for others. I can say I honestly don't remember her not being in a kitchen somewhere. She had a full kitchen with an additional full kitchen in the basement. Not to mention the countless hours she spent with the Beth Israel Sisterhood. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I was truly her princess, and I now realize that she was the queen of my world. I just wish I would have realized that before she left this earth. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, knowing she is with me every step of the way. I can only somehow hope that these recipes serve as her legacy to all Jewish kitchens everywhere. She was truly a gift to all who knew her!  I love you Bubbie, Your Shayna "madel"