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Recipes starting with A

Apple Pudding

A great recipe handed down to me 40 years ago.

Submitted by Ronnie Jacobson 

Auntie Evie's Thanksgiving Stuffing

Recipe contributed in honor of Auntie Evie, by Debbi Josephson

My Auntie Evie passed this family recipe down to my generation, and I know it will continue to be a family favorite for many years to come.   

Aunt Marilyn's Banana Bread

Recipe contributed in honor of Aunt Marilyn, by Debbi Josephson

This recipe brings back wonderful memories at my Aunt Marilyn's house, and my nephews love it when I make it now. 

Aunt Rose's Banana Cake

Recipe contributed in honor of Rose Studna Milder by Lois "Ducky" Milder.

Aunt Rose Milder is the mother of Phyllis Milder Weinberh, Carl "Pete" Milder, and the late Ed Milder.  She was adored by her grandchildren, Jon & Roger Weinberg, Vicki Rosenthal, Georgene Koom, Tom Milder, Terri Zachoria, Debbie Lippert, Jim Milder, and Richard Milder, nieces and nephews.  Their memories are of gathering at Aunt Rose and Uncle Doc's house after Sunday school, for a memorable Sunday lunch.  Her banana cake is a delicious reminder of a loving, giving, forgiving, beautiful woman.