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Recipes starting with B


Submitted by Elyce Azriel

Banana Nut Cake

Submitted by Debbi Brown

Boulkas (Buns)

From Rabbi Stiel's file, submitted by Ricki Skog

Beef Barley Soup

Recipe contributed in honor of Minnie Katleman by Debi Smedlund


Minnie Katleman my Bauby, made this very thick soup. The wonderful scent of this tasty soup would lure you into her warm kitchen. She then would give you a taste and you would feel the warmth of the soup and the love it was made with. Even now when I make this soup for my family, the aroma and warmth of the soup conjures up loving memories of my Bauby.    

Brown Sugar Shortbread

Recipe contributed by Mimi Silverman


This recipe is in honor of my 1st meeting as WRJ president.  The girls asked for the recipe. Thank you for making me feel good ! (smile smile smile)

Bobey's Noodle Pudding

Recipe contributed in honor of Helen Meyerson

by Louri Sullivan


When my grandmother was alive we would have she and my grandfather for dinner every Shabbat.  As a young mother, I had a limited recipe supply.  I would trade off between 2 koogle recipes every week.  Once week my grandmother showed up with the above recipe and said in her dry sense of humor - "I thought you could use another koogle recipe".  So many of my recipes are those that she made and it gives me great comfort that every Shabbat she is with us all these years later.

Brandon's Super Stuffing

Recipe contributed in honor of Brandon Thomas

by Andie Gordman


Brandon Thomas passed away on July 12, 2010 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Brandon was born in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Millard North High School. He was months away from earning his degree from the Institute of Culinary Arts at the time of his death. He wanted to travel the world and own his own restaurant someday. He had a lively sense of humor and made people laugh with his quick remarks. He had a zest for life whether he was snowboarding in Colorado, working in a restaurant kitchen or hanging out with friends. Brandon had a passion for food from the time he was a child. For many years he was the head cook for the family‚Äôs annual Thanksgiving dinners. Brandon was an organ donor. His generosity will help others live, but his spirit will be with us forever.  

Butter Railroad Cookies

Recipe contributed in honor of Sarah Rubin

by Molline Cassman


My mother, Sarah Rubin, baked these cookies for every family gathering. The cookie press made lines on the cookies so my sister, brother and I called them railroad cookies.  I still bake the cookies using Mom's old cookie press and plan to pass it on to my daughter, Amy Friedman. The taste and smell always reminds me of youth, love and family.

Banana Nut Confetti Bread

Recipe contributed in honor of Arlene G. Becker


by Debbi Josephson


My mother, Arlene Becker was a fabulous cook and entertainer. The reason that she was a good cook is because she used the finest ingredients, the most important ingredient by far was love. Love for the people for whom she prepared the food and love of the creative act of cooking. When I began life on my own she told me that all a person needed to know in order to cook is; how to read. Follow the written directions and you can succeed. Mom also said that there are three recipes that many people think are very difficult and will shy away from preparing, and if I could master those as a beginner cook I  could impress my guests. She taught me her secrets of how to make matzo balls, chopped liver and cheesecake. This recipe Banana Nut Bread was one of her signature dishes.