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Recipes starting with C

Cranberry Chicken

Recipe in memory of Lucille Zelinsky

Recipe contribution from Ellen Gordman

My mother, Lucille Zelinsky, was not known for her cooking skills, but rather as a dedicated community volunteer, never saying no to a request for help. She was active in many organizations, including Beth Israel Sisterhood, Jewish Family Service and the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home. For many years, she served anonymously on the Jewish Federation Scholarship Committee. She was a single working mother before that was the norm, becoming a tenured professor of Social Work at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. When considering which recipe to submit, my children, Andie Gordman and Jay Gordman, immediately rejected one of mother’s favorites: Marshmallow Fruit Salad. This salad was grudgingly consumed whenever mother served it, but the recipe is not fit for inclusion in this cookbook. On the other hand, the Cranberry Chicken was eaten with delight and is a recipe Andie and I still cook for company.

Chocolate Chip Brittle

Recipe In Memory of Judie Weil
Submitted by Sheryn Joffe

My husband I met Judie and he husband Bob, at an insurance convention in Canada. We became good friends instantly. We saw them in their hometown of Minneapolis as well as Scottsdale where they had a second home. She was extremely involved in the "arts" in Minneapolis & co-edited several fund-raising cookbooks. She was an amazing cook.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Recipe contributed in honor of Mary Arkovich

by Maxine Noodell


My Aunt Mary was always close to us.  She was my mother's sister and always there even after my own mother died.  I spent many of my growing up days at her house.  As a newlywed I made this cake frequently. This was one of her favorite recipes.


Recipe contributed in honor of Libby Lewis

by Maxine Noodell


Libby Lewis was my husband's cousin and we had a very close relationship. She was my cooking and baking mentor when I was a young wife.  I made this cheesecake for a family gathering at Chanukah and it turned out to be a great success as people were unsure if a young wife's attempt would be successful.

Coffee Cake Supreme

Recipe contributed in honor of Ida Sacks, by Shayna Sacks

All I can say is that the woman was the best cook I have ever known. Shabbat dinners at her house every week. Baking and cooking constantly for us, and for others. I can say I honestly don't remember her not being in a kitchen somewhere. She had a full kitchen with an additional full kitchen in the basement. Not to mention the countless hours she spent with the Beth Israel Sisterhood. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I was truly her princess, and I now realize that she was the queen of my world. I just wish I would have realized that before she left this earth. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, knowing she is with me every step of the way. I can only somehow hope that these recipes serve as her legacy to all Jewish kitchens everywhere. She was truly a gift to all who knew her!  I love you Bubbie, Your Shayna "madel"

Chocolate Butterscotch Haystacks

Recipe contributed by Phyllis Glazer

These are great for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and after school snacks.

Cold & Crunchy

Recipe contributed in honor of Jane Rice Levy

by Tom & Jeanne Rice


Jane was a wonderful cook and hostess.  This Cold & Crunchy treat is a family favorite.

Corned Beef Brisket with Sauce

Recipe contributed in honor of Frieda Krizelman

by Shirley Brody


For 40 years Frieda Krizelman was president of Jewish Women International.  She always directed the group to do good things like going to the "Rainbow House" and making potluck.  One member brought this corned beef dish that I liked it so much, I got the recipe. No sooner did I get the recipe, the woman moved out of town. So I had to make it for the potluck parties of Jewish Women International. Frieda Krizelman died a couple years ago, but I shall always remember how she "made me" do this dish.

Chopped Liver

Recipe contributed in honor of Audrey Kirshenbaum

by Kim Znamancek & Kate Kirshenbaum


We especially remember when visiting with Audrey in Palm Springs, there would always be a large bowl of chopped liver in the refrigerator. We would enjoy for our entire visit. We still think it was the best chopped liver we have ever tasted!

Chicken and Rice

Recipe contributed in honor of Sara Harding by Babe Nogg  

Cousin Sara Harding was a great cook. My family loves it. It's a must when they visit!!

Coffee Cake

Recipe contributed in  honor of Milton Marcus

by Joan Marcus


This is one of the first things I made when I married Milton- 52 years ago. Milton loved this cake and when I asked him what he wanted for dessert he always said, "Jewish Coffee Cake." I smile whenever I make it and I think of Milton as he was when I learned to make this cake so many years ago. He loved this cake so much! He died in 2010.

Chocolate Torte

Recipe contributed in honor of Jean Weil by Kathy Simen


My Mom always made this dessert for special occasions, and I follow this tradition with my family. 


Recipe contributed in honor of Elly Silverman and Liz Feinman


by Mimi Silverman

My mother is a terrible cook.  She never used an onion. Her idea of chicken was chicken with paprika in the oven.  Meatballs were meat (no spices) What she lacked in the kitchen she overcame with her shopping abilities. My mother in law is a great cook.  This is her recipe.  Comfort food at its best.  I'm blessed to have them both in my life but, both live far away and I miss having them close by.


Recipe contributed in honor of Ruth Liebenstein

by Iris Ricks


When I told my daughter about this cookbook, she said, "You have to put in Grandma Ruth's recipe for Chicken Cacciatore.  I have such great memories of that dish whenever we went to Chicago to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  I didn't really like the chicken so much but loved the memory of her making it".  My son, on the other hand, really loved this dish!  When I searched my mother's recipe box, I found this recipe but it was just called Chicken.

Carrot Mold

Recipe contributed in honor of Freida Berkowitz

by Sheri Idelman


Freida Berkowitz was my maternal grandmother.  She and my grandfather, Ben, lived in Chicago on the first floor of a 2 flat and my family lived upstairs.  We spent every Sunday brunch and all holidays downstairs at my grandparents as well as many other impromptu meals and snacks.  My grandmother would make Carrot Mold for special occasions and holidays.  It was always the highlight for me.