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Recipes starting with D

Date Nut Cakes

Submitted by Elyce Azriel

David J. Meyers Kreplach

Recipe contributed in honor of David J. Meyers

by Denise Meyers


For years Deli Night has been special night, thanks in part to some very special people making some very special food, one of them is Dave Meyers Kreplach recipe.  Like many fabulous foods we all know and love, this one is part due to recipe, part due to quality of ingredients, and most due to love and memories that are cooked into them when prepared.  The first time that my father-in-law taught me how to make this tasty treat, I thought the kitchen would never get clean.  OY!  but that was Dave, he'd mess up the kitchen and you'd clean it up.  He always explained that you don't simply follow the recipe, you need to do it by feel.  I am so blessed to have learned this from him, and carry on the tradition for our family.

Daddy & Son Muffins

Recipe contributed in honor of Annette Pomerance

by Wendy Furst


This recipe honors my grandmother, Annette Pomerance, who passed away this passed December at the age of 98. I miss you Grandma Nettie.

Daffodil Cake

Recipe contributed in honor of Jim Shamberg

by Selma Shamberg


Jim and Selma were married for 60 years before Jim passed away last summer.  Though Selma baked many wonderful, tasty creations for Jim throughout their years together, this daffodil cake was always Jim's favorite!  This cake celebrated every one of Jim's birthdays and and their anniversaries as well as many a regular old day in their life together!  In fact, the daffodil cake became quite renowned in Grand Island as Selma was the only one who baked it.  Anyone who celebrated with Jim and Selma got to share the wonderful taste treat of Selma's daffodil cake.  Though this cake is very labor intensive, it was always made as a labor of love!  Enjoy!

Don't Peek Stew

Recipe contributed in honor of Bennett Hornstein

by Nancy Hornstein


Bennett loved to eat this little treasured dish, he loved gourmet foods and so this very easy way to make "Beef Stroganoff" was one of his favorites!!

David J. Meyers French-cut Lamb Chops

Recipe in memory of David J. Meyers             

Recipe contribution from Sue Meyers      

This is one of our family's favorite dishes that Dave taught his boys (Jon, Joe & Bill) to make, and we would always request it for family dinners.  Dave loved to cook (especially meat courses) and entertain family and friends, and he kept tweaking and experimenting with this recipe until he perfected it.  Even people who say they don't like lamb, love this lamb!  This recipe personifies Dave Meyers because it's a lot like he was:  simple, honest, straight-forward and made with lots of love!