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Recipes starting with F

Fudge-Almond Macaroons

Submitted by Amee Zetzman, from Cooks Illustrated

Farfel Cookies

Submitted by Elyce Azriel

Farfel Bake

Recipe contributed in honor of Sylvia Coren

by Fran and Mickey Coren

Sylvia fixed this side dish often with her brisket and other main dishes. It is delicious and compliments any meal. When she could no longer have dairy products she substituted chicken broth for the cream soup and the dish was still very good. 

Farfel Muffins

Reipe in memory of Ida Bernstein 

Recipe contribution from Phyllis Glazer

This is my Bubbee's Passover recipe which was loved by everyone in the family. If we saw them in her kitchen before the Seder began, they were gone before we started to eat.    Each one of her children and many of her grandchildren used and continue to use them as the centerpiece of the holiday observance.  These are lovingly called POPCORN BALLS by many of us because as little children, we thought they tasted like popcorn.