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Recipes starting with J

Joan's Passover Granola Mix

Serve as a snack or as a breakfast cereal with milk.  Submitted by Elyce Azriel

Jello Mold

Recipe contributed in honor of Rose Milder, by Terri Zacharia.

What child wouldn't like a pink jello mold at a weekly Shabbat dinner?  That is what we all enjoyed as we sat around our Grandparent's table on Friday night.  My grandparents, Rose and Doc Milder, felt it was important to share our Friday night meal at their house.  Family was very important to the Milder household.  It was those great times together that has provided us all with fond memories of growing up with our grandparents!

Jello Deluxe

Recipe contributed in honor of Lee Wigodsky

by Cathy Christensen & Jaeny Mason


Traditional holiday foods were not changed for mom- if she found a recipe that fit the 'theme' of the holiday, it would be made every year. To break the fast, we had to have this light but different jello, along with her brisket and a noodle kugel.