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Recipes starting with K


Recipe contributed by Allyson Wilczewski in honor of Nana Jean.

Jean Shapos (known as Nana to all who met her) was a fantastic cook, a wonderful loving person who always put family first. She had amazing spirit and is greatly missed

Kennedy Brownies

Recipe contributed in honor of Ann Goldstein

by Becca Goldstein Groothuis and Deb Goldstein Baum

Ann Goldstein will be remembered for her smile, optimism, compassion – and her brownies. Every week after Sunday school, her girls came home to the smell of brownies. We share the recipe in her honor.


Recipe contributed in honor of Shirley Kishenbaum by Teresa Ruback

My Husbands Baubie Shirley was full of Life and enjoyed having her family come together every Friday night for Shabbat Dinner. This is something that she taught me to prepare and I have wonderful memories or her and I "Rolling out the Dough"