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Recipes starting with L

Lois' Bundt Cake

Recipe in memory of Lois Dvorkin Epstein  

Recipe contribution from Marilyn Dvorkin Warren

My sister Lois continued the tradition of Mom’s High Holidays cake.    Lois, who died in 2009, was beautiful & vibrant with a love for family & a flair for life.  She was on WRJ-O board for 30+ yrs.

Lemonade Mousse

Recipe contributed by Deenie Meyerson

This recipe is a favorite of one of her grandson's, Brady Meyerson.

Lime Jello Mold

Recipe in memory of Rita Rosenblum, contributed by Ronni Jacobson

This is my sister's favorite Jello mold, and was loved by all.  It wasn't Thanksgiving without this mold, it was light, tasted great, and looked beautiful.  

Lemon Torte

Submitted by Judy Zweiback

This is very similar in taste to the Heavenly Pie, but the presentation is different. I like to flavor the whipped cream topping with a little sugar and vanilla and garnish the torte with whole fresh strawberries (buy the big ones with fresh looking tops and leave the tops on) and mint leaves.