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Recipes starting with M

Matzo Meal Sponge Roll

The following recipe has become a family tradition at our Seders. My mother, may her name be a blessing, always served this and after she was gone, either, my brother, sister or I prepare this, even if we can't be together, we prepare it to take to the Seder to which we will be going. Debbie Josephson

My Favorite Brisket

Submitted by Joan Marcus

You might want to substitute a Kosher for Passover soup mix, as the Lipton brand is not appropriate for Passover. 

Matzo Balls- Soft Version

Recipe contributed by Debbie Josephson

From Rabbi Stiels file

Meat/Cheese Blintz

Recipe contributed in honor of Ida Sacks, by Shayna Sacks

All I can say is that the woman was the best cook I have ever known. Shabbat dinners at her house every week. Baking and cooking constantly for us, and for others. I can say I honestly don't remember her not being in a kitchen somewhere. She had a full kitchen with an additional full kitchen in the basement. Not to mention the countless hours she spent with the Beth Israel Sisterhood. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I was truly her princess, and I now realize that she was the queen of my world. I just wish I would have realized that before she left this earth. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, knowing she is with me every step of the way. I can only somehow hope that these recipes serve as her legacy to all Jewish kitchens everywhere. She was truly a gift to all who knew her!  I love you Bubbie, Your Shayna "madel"

Mom’s Kugel

Recipe in memory of Libby Sach      

Recipe contribution from Susie Silverman

This is my mother Libby Sachs’ recipe and I have the original written in her handwriting. Just as my mother would serve this kugel for “Break the Fast” so do I. The torch was passed a couple of years ago after I had surgery and our daughter Ann made the kugel. It tasted spectacular and my mother would have “kvelled”.

Mandelbrodt with Chocolate Chips

Recipe in memory of Helen Lipp       

Recipe contribution from Sandy Epstein

Helen Lipp, my Mom, loved this recipe. She always made me feel like I was the best baker every time I made the cookies. She loved to break a bite off the cookies to make them last longer and seem like she didn't eat as many!!! I worked so hard NOT TO BREAK THEM while I was making them! I miss her and definitely don't make them as often.

My Babalorkis' Date Cake

Recipe In Memory of : Edith Lorkis

Contributer's Name: Laura Kutler

My memories of my Baba include all the holiday dinners and the love She put into them.

She was a great Cook! I still miss her and her love .

Mom's Brisket

Recipe in Memory Of Harriet Kutler

Contributor's Name Laura Kutler

I miss all the years of my Mom and I cooking together in her kitchen.

We made the Holiday foods together. I cherish all the memories. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her.