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Recipes starting with P

Potato Souffle

Recipe in memory of Muriel (Micky) Bernstein  

Recipe contribution from Phyllis Glazer

My mother was a PERFECTIONIST!! Her kitchen was immaculate, her table was beautifully set, and her cooking was truly delicious.    While she died in 1972 at the age of 54, my brother and I still refer to many of our favorite dishes as "MOTHER's chicken, potatoes, brownies, etc."  When I inherited her recipe box, not one recipe had to be discarded because each one had been critically tested and tasted by her, our dad, my brother and me, and/or extended family and friends.  My mother would have been surprised to see her recipe in print and to know that it is in continuing use by both of her children who simply refer to it as "MOTHER'S POTATO PUDDING".  

Potatoe Galette

Recipe in memory of Allie Dann        

Recipe contribution from Janey Dann

My mother in-law Allie Dann lived 92 years and was the quintessential Mom, Mom in-law and gramma. When she died on St. Valentine's Day, February 14, it was traumatic but fitting, as this woman was our angel!

Praline Cookies

Recipe in memory of Lorraine Silverman      

Recipe contribution from Susie Silverman

This recipe is one that my mother-in-law Lorraine Silverman use to make and, once again, I have it in my personal cook book in her handwriting on a piece of notebook paper. We ate these cookies often at her house but I have yet to make them! Lorraine rarely used a recipe for anything that she made. If we liked something that she made, we probably wouldn’t get the exact same thing the next time as she would always be improvising. However, with desserts, she would always follow a recipe. This recipe actually says “oleo” for margarine so you can imagine how far back it goes.  

Passover Wine and Nut Cake

Recipe contributed in honor of Rose Willis by Marlen Frost

My mom made this cake every Pesach.  She got the recipe from a newspaper in the 1940's.  My husband, Murray, loved this cake so much he requested it as his birthday cake.  When I smell the sweet sroma of this cake, it brings back sweet memories of mom and Murray.  

Passover Granola

Submitted by Amee Zetzman

Passover Rolls

For taking Sandwiches to the JCC during Passover.  Submitted by Andrea Siegel

Passover Icebox Cookies

Submitted by Ricki Skog

From Rabbi Stiel's file