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Recipes starting with R

Reduced Calorie Challah

Reduced Calorie Challah

Challah isn't exactly a low-calorie food, but this version is still sweet and rich with fewer calories and can be easily portion controlled. Enjoy!

Number of Servings: 24      Calories: 88.9

Raspberry Chocolate Meringue Icebox Cake

This is delicious and spectacular looking!  Don't put it together too far ahead of time or the meringue will weep and it won't look as nice.

Judy Zweiback 

Ribollita (Bean, Bread, and Tomato Soup)

Recipe contributed in honor of Gia Bella Rawlings by Cami Rawlings


From the book: Carbohydrates tend to be the best-tolerated nutrient in early pregnancy. This satisfying, traditional Tuscan soup, which uses bread as its main ingredient, sits well if you are suffering from nausea. Since its flavor improves with time, you can reheat it in a microwave for a delicious high-fiber lunch. As is frequently the case with other dishes, there are as many versions of ribolitta as there are cooks, but the basic ingredients remain the same.   When I was pregnant with our daughter, Gia Bella Rawlings, I wanted something substantial to make and eat, not an easy task given that we were newly vegetarian. My wife gave me a wonderful cookbook called The Pregnancy Cookbook by Hope Ricciotti, M.D. and Vincent Connelly and we found many recipes in there that I made and craved often. This is one of them. We lost our baby and think of her daily. If she were here today she'd be a beautiful eight-year-old kid who would probably say "not that vegetable soup again!" but maybe she'd like it. We still do.

Rosenfeld Kully Brownies

Recipe contributed in honor of Bill Kully by Leslie Kully


Bill Kully was my wonderful husband for 38 years. He grew up with this recipe which went back as far as his grandparents and up to our children and grandchildren. This was his favorite. I can picture him standing at the stove making these delicious very moist brownies. My children are still making them calling them "Papa's brownies" to his grandchildren. We make brownies today and always think of our wonderful, loving, caring husband, father and grandfather.

Rice Pudding

Recipe contributed in honor of Dorothy Davidson Krause

by Jan Schneider Lund


Many of Dora Krause's grandchildren grew up with this recipe that her children, our mothers, made before us.  Now we all make it, especially at Thanksgiving.  Our grandmother was a fabulous cook who made absolutely everything from scratch, from canning pickles, to her famous "mandel bread",  huge cinnamon rolls, and everything traditionally Jewish.  Hanging out in her sunny kitchen on Fuller Avenue is one of my fondest and most vivid memories of childhood.

Rocky Road Brownies

Recipe contributed in honor of Lucille "Gammy" Bonner

by Judy Farber


My Mom made these for all of our family gatherings.  She loved her extended family and everyone loved "Gammy's" Brownies!

Rice/Spinach Pie

Recipe in memory of Rose Weiner  

Recipe contribution from Janey Dann      

My blessed sweet Mom loved to cook and loved having company for dinner. She was not a gourmet chef, but her meals were always nutritious and tasty. She found cooking very relaxing and satisfying.