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Recipes starting with S

Strawberry Fluff

Submitted by Arlene Adelson

Sephardic-Style Haroses

For something different I offer my Seder guests this Sephardic-style haroses in addition to the apple one, that is truly Jewish comfort food. Debbie Josephson

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Recipe contributed in honor of Idell Wasserman Rodin by Lois "Ducky" Milder

The aroma of this coffee cake reminds me of the man Jewish Federation meethings and Hadassah Business and Professional Women's gatherings at the home of my parents, David and Idell Rodin, in Sioux City, Iowa.  I feel so grateful to my mother and Dad, who were warm and welcoming hosts, for their participation in both Jewish and community life.  Sioux City was once a vibrant Jewish community.  The aroma of baking this cake permeates still in our home today, bringing back treasured memories.  

Special Cheese Pasta

Recipe contributed in honor of Hermene Zweiback by Rosie Zweiback

My mother Hermene Zweiback LOVED great food and she used to make this.  I think she found the recipe in the World Herald.  When I was newly married, I didn't know how to cook much at all and she sent this recipe to me. It was fool proof and a huge hit.  The night I went into labor with my first child, our daughter Grace, I made this dish not realizing that I wasn't going to get to eat it.  Just as my husband and I sat down to dinner, my contractions started and we went to the hospital. All of our kids love this dish but it has always been Grace's favorite.  In fact, she named it.  We are convinced she loves it because she caught a whiff of it in our kitchen right before she was born.  That garlic and basil combination is mighty powerful.

Scrumptious Brisket

Recipe contributed in honor of Bernice Susskind

by Sandra Block-Brezner


This recipe honors my mother Bernice Susskind, and Rebbitzin of Rabbi David J. Susskind of St. Petersburg, FL, both of blessed memory. She always made this brisket for holidays and special occasions. I have continued that tradition with my family and friends, including sharing it with Lois Linder, mother of Rabbi Eric Linder. She asked that I share this with you.

Salmon Souffle

Recipe contributed in honor of Ruth Liebenstein

by Iris Ricks


When I was growing up, we always had a couple of milchik (dairy) suppers during the week.

This salmon soufflĂ© is one the favorite things my mother used to make for those evenings.  My mother didn't love to cook but whatever she made was delicious!

Sugar Crisps

Recipe contributed in honor of Grandmother Mabel Saunders

by Tina Meyers


Growing up, whenever we would go to visit my Grandparents, these cookies were always in my Grandma's cookie jar.  They were my favorite cookie then and they are still my favorite today!  They remind me of my Grandma Mabel and what a great cook she was.  It's kind of strange to actually list out the ingredients with the measurements, because she always told me "good cooks don't need to measure"! 

Spinach-Parmesan Souffles

Recipe contributed by Deenie Meyerson


For all of the loved ones that I miss everyday!

Spinach Pie

Recipe contributed by Andrea Siegel

Spaghetti Sauce

Recipe contributed in honor of Steve Simon by Kathy Simon


Steve was an avid tennis player, and when he bought his first Fila tennis outfit, he was beyond thrilled. I had trouble getting the lid off the pot of sauce, so I asked for help. Steve tried and had trouble too so he took the pot outside and banged it on the ground. The red sauce flew all over the place and ruined his first Fila outfit!


Recipe contributed in honor of Audrey Kirshenbaum

by Kim Znamancek & Kate Kirshenbaum


Audrey was a great cook and these are two of the family favorites. She especially loved making sweets and this strudel was always delicious. We especially remember visiting in Palm Springs. There would always be a large bowl of chopped liver in the refrigerator and we would enjoy for our entire visit. We still think it was the best choppe liver we have ever tasted! 


Recipe contributed in honor of Ida Sacks, by Shayna Sacks

All I can say is that the woman was the best cook I have ever known. Shabbat dinners at her house every week. Baking and cooking constantly for us, and for others. I can say I honestly don't remember her not being in a kitchen somewhere. She had a full kitchen with an additional full kitchen in the basement. Not to mention the countless hours she spent with the Beth Israel Sisterhood. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I was truly her princess, and I now realize that she was the queen of my world. I just wish I would have realized that before she left this earth. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, knowing she is with me every step of the way. I can only somehow hope that these recipes serve as her legacy to all Jewish kitchens everywhere. She was truly a gift to all who knew her!  I love you Bubbie, Your Shayna "madel"