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Tuna Antipasto

Recipe in memory of Betty Becker Leibsohn              

Recipe contribution from Debbi Josephson         

This is one of the first recipes that my aunt gave me to prepare when I was first living on my own.  It is a simple, forgiving and very tasty appetizer.

Grandma Roz's Hummus

Recipe contributed in honor of Roz Friedman

by Susie Cohn


There was not a holiday or a gathering of family  that did not include Grandma Roz's hummus.  I asked my kids what recipe of Grandma's they remembered most and this was it.

Lemonade Mousse

Recipe contributed by Deenie Meyerson

This recipe is a favorite of one of her grandson's, Brady Meyerson.

Sephardic-Style Haroses

For something different I offer my Seder guests this Sephardic-style haroses in addition to the apple one, that is truly Jewish comfort food. Debbie Josephson

Matzo Balls- Soft Version

Recipe contributed by Debbie Josephson

From Rabbi Stiels file