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Matzo Balls- Soft Version

Recipe contributed by Debbie Josephson

From Rabbi Stiels file

Sephardic-Style Haroses

For something different I offer my Seder guests this Sephardic-style haroses in addition to the apple one, that is truly Jewish comfort food. Debbie Josephson

Lemonade Mousse

Recipe contributed by Deenie Meyerson

This recipe is a favorite of one of her grandson's, Brady Meyerson.

Grandma Roz's Hummus

Recipe contributed in honor of Roz Friedman

by Susie Cohn


There was not a holiday or a gathering of family  that did not include Grandma Roz's hummus.  I asked my kids what recipe of Grandma's they remembered most and this was it.

Tuna Antipasto

Recipe in memory of Betty Becker Leibsohn              

Recipe contribution from Debbi Josephson         

This is one of the first recipes that my aunt gave me to prepare when I was first living on my own.  It is a simple, forgiving and very tasty appetizer.