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Breakfast and brunch

Joan's Passover Granola Mix

Serve as a snack or as a breakfast cereal with milk.  Submitted by Elyce Azriel

Passover Granola

Submitted by Amee Zetzman

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Recipe contributed in honor of Mary Arkovich

by Maxine Noodell


My Aunt Mary was always close to us.  She was my mother's sister and always there even after my own mother died.  I spent many of my growing up days at her house.  As a newlywed I made this cake frequently. This was one of her favorite recipes.

Grandma's Slow-cooked Creamy Oatmeal

Recipe In Memory of: Grandma Hannah Goldgar Rose 9Mendy Rose's Grandmother)

Contributer's Name: Mendy Rose Halsted and Celia Rose Saunders

Grandma would come and stay with us in Dallas for two weeks every now and then.

We would beg her to make Her special oatmeal!

P.S. Celia now eats it cold, straight from the refrigerator.