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Fish Entrees

Salmon Souffle

Recipe contributed in honor of Ruth Liebenstein

by Iris Ricks


When I was growing up, we always had a couple of milchik (dairy) suppers during the week.

This salmon soufflé is one the favorite things my mother used to make for those evenings.  My mother didn't love to cook but whatever she made was delicious!

Tuna Fish Casserole

Recipe contributed in honor of Joy Monsky Grossman

by Fran Grossman Coren


My mother made this recipe often and served it with mac n cheese or noodles romanoff. It was a family favorite. 

Grandma Edee's Tuna

Recipe contributed in honor of Edith Levin-Kline

by Debbi Zweiback


My mother, "Grandma Edee", loved her family gathered around her dining room table. She didn't do a lot of cooking in our house. She loved to serve tuna as an appetizer to family and friends.  Tuna, was a standard milchig (dairy in Yiddish) meal once a week. We kept a Kosher home so we looked forward to Thursdays, milchig night!  Tuna and Kugle, sweet with raisins and cinnamon made with sweet butter. (On all other nights it was margarine!) My mother taught us that growing up in a Kosher house with an imposed dietary regulation helped us be closer to G-d, as we were carring out Leviticus 11:44-45. "For I am the Lord your G-d! Therefore sanctify yourselves and be holy, for I am holy". I miss my mother, Grandma Edee. Enjoy her tuna.

Salmon and Spaghetti

Recipe contributed in honor of Dory Gerber

by Judith Feigin, Gary Gerber, & Lauren Feigin


Unfortunately, although we all remember wonderful things Mom/Nana made for us, we don’t have many of the original recipes.  This is one we do have and in her handwriting too.  It was an entrée that was served for Break-the-Fast and sometimes for a light, hot weather meal.