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Side dishes

Apple Pudding

A great recipe handed down to me 40 years ago.

Submitted by Ronnie Jacobson 

Jello Mold

Recipe contributed in honor of Rose Milder, by Terri Zacharia.

What child wouldn't like a pink jello mold at a weekly Shabbat dinner?  That is what we all enjoyed as we sat around our Grandparent's table on Friday night.  My grandparents, Rose and Doc Milder, felt it was important to share our Friday night meal at their house.  Family was very important to the Milder household.  It was those great times together that has provided us all with fond memories of growing up with our grandparents!

Carrot Mold

Recipe contributed in honor of Freida Berkowitz

by Sheri Idelman


Freida Berkowitz was my maternal grandmother.  She and my grandfather, Ben, lived in Chicago on the first floor of a 2 flat and my family lived upstairs.  We spent every Sunday brunch and all holidays downstairs at my grandparents as well as many other impromptu meals and snacks.  My grandmother would make Carrot Mold for special occasions and holidays.  It was always the highlight for me.  

Spinach-Parmesan Souffles

Recipe contributed by Deenie Meyerson


For all of the loved ones that I miss everyday!

Spinach Pie

Recipe contributed by Andrea Siegel

Farfel Bake

Recipe contributed in honor of Sylvia Coren

by Fran and Mickey Coren

Sylvia fixed this side dish often with her brisket and other main dishes. It is delicious and compliments any meal. When she could no longer have dairy products she substituted chicken broth for the cream soup and the dish was still very good. 

Jello Deluxe

Recipe contributed in honor of Lee Wigodsky

by Cathy Christensen & Jaeny Mason


Traditional holiday foods were not changed for mom- if she found a recipe that fit the 'theme' of the holiday, it would be made every year. To break the fast, we had to have this light but different jello, along with her brisket and a noodle kugel. 

Bobey's Noodle Pudding

Recipe contributed in honor of Helen Meyerson

by Louri Sullivan


When my grandmother was alive we would have she and my grandfather for dinner every Shabbat.  As a young mother, I had a limited recipe supply.  I would trade off between 2 koogle recipes every week.  Once week my grandmother showed up with the above recipe and said in her dry sense of humor - "I thought you could use another koogle recipe".  So many of my recipes are those that she made and it gives me great comfort that every Shabbat she is with us all these years later.

Brandon's Super Stuffing

Recipe contributed in honor of Brandon Thomas

by Andie Gordman


Brandon Thomas passed away on July 12, 2010 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Brandon was born in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Millard North High School. He was months away from earning his degree from the Institute of Culinary Arts at the time of his death. He wanted to travel the world and own his own restaurant someday. He had a lively sense of humor and made people laugh with his quick remarks. He had a zest for life whether he was snowboarding in Colorado, working in a restaurant kitchen or hanging out with friends. Brandon had a passion for food from the time he was a child. For many years he was the head cook for the family‚Äôs annual Thanksgiving dinners. Brandon was an organ donor. His generosity will help others live, but his spirit will be with us forever.  

Rice Pudding

Recipe contributed in honor of Dorothy Davidson Krause

by Jan Schneider Lund


Many of Dora Krause's grandchildren grew up with this recipe that her children, our mothers, made before us.  Now we all make it, especially at Thanksgiving.  Our grandmother was a fabulous cook who made absolutely everything from scratch, from canning pickles, to her famous "mandel bread",  huge cinnamon rolls, and everything traditionally Jewish.  Hanging out in her sunny kitchen on Fuller Avenue is one of my fondest and most vivid memories of childhood.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Recipe contributed in honor of Martha Harris

by Claudia Sherman


Martha Harris was my mother. Although she died in 1972 at only 48 years of age, her influence is strong in her daughters. As active-duty U.S. Air Force family, my Mom often invited young Jewish servicemen and their wives (if they were married) to our house for holiday meals. Sweet potato casserole was one of her often prepared side dishes, and everybody loved it! As my sisters and I grew up and married, we enjoyed cooking and baking just about anything our Mom used to make. It was a way of "getting in touch" with her. I've tried many sweet potato recipes over the years, but they all remind me of my Mom.

Potatoe Galette

Recipe in memory of Allie Dann        

Recipe contribution from Janey Dann

My mother in-law Allie Dann lived 92 years and was the quintessential Mom, Mom in-law and gramma. When she died on St. Valentine's Day, February 14, it was traumatic but fitting, as this woman was our angel!

Rice/Spinach Pie

Recipe in memory of Rose Weiner  

Recipe contribution from Janey Dann      

My blessed sweet Mom loved to cook and loved having company for dinner. She was not a gourmet chef, but her meals were always nutritious and tasty. She found cooking very relaxing and satisfying.

Potato Souffle

Recipe in memory of Muriel (Micky) Bernstein  

Recipe contribution from Phyllis Glazer

My mother was a PERFECTIONIST!! Her kitchen was immaculate, her table was beautifully set, and her cooking was truly delicious.    While she died in 1972 at the age of 54, my brother and I still refer to many of our favorite dishes as "MOTHER's chicken, potatoes, brownies, etc."  When I inherited her recipe box, not one recipe had to be discarded because each one had been critically tested and tasted by her, our dad, my brother and me, and/or extended family and friends.  My mother would have been surprised to see her recipe in print and to know that it is in continuing use by both of her children who simply refer to it as "MOTHER'S POTATO PUDDING".  

The Best Noodle Kugel Ever- Lower Fat Version

Modified from Renny Darling, The Joy of Eating