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That Soup

From Rabbi Stiel's file

Beef Barley Soup

Recipe contributed in honor of Minnie Katleman by Debi Smedlund


Minnie Katleman my Bauby, made this very thick soup. The wonderful scent of this tasty soup would lure you into her warm kitchen. She then would give you a taste and you would feel the warmth of the soup and the love it was made with. Even now when I make this soup for my family, the aroma and warmth of the soup conjures up loving memories of my Bauby.    

Quick Chili

Recipe contributed in honor of Grandma Florence

by Judy Roffman

David J. Meyers Kreplach

Recipe contributed in honor of David J. Meyers

by Denise Meyers


For years Deli Night has been special night, thanks in part to some very special people making some very special food, one of them is Dave Meyers Kreplach recipe.  Like many fabulous foods we all know and love, this one is part due to recipe, part due to quality of ingredients, and most due to love and memories that are cooked into them when prepared.  The first time that my father-in-law taught me how to make this tasty treat, I thought the kitchen would never get clean.  OY!  but that was Dave, he'd mess up the kitchen and you'd clean it up.  He always explained that you don't simply follow the recipe, you need to do it by feel.  I am so blessed to have learned this from him, and carry on the tradition for our family.

Ribollita (Bean, Bread, and Tomato Soup)

Recipe contributed in honor of Gia Bella Rawlings by Cami Rawlings


From the book: Carbohydrates tend to be the best-tolerated nutrient in early pregnancy. This satisfying, traditional Tuscan soup, which uses bread as its main ingredient, sits well if you are suffering from nausea. Since its flavor improves with time, you can reheat it in a microwave for a delicious high-fiber lunch. As is frequently the case with other dishes, there are as many versions of ribolitta as there are cooks, but the basic ingredients remain the same.   When I was pregnant with our daughter, Gia Bella Rawlings, I wanted something substantial to make and eat, not an easy task given that we were newly vegetarian. My wife gave me a wonderful cookbook called The Pregnancy Cookbook by Hope Ricciotti, M.D. and Vincent Connelly and we found many recipes in there that I made and craved often. This is one of them. We lost our baby and think of her daily. If she were here today she'd be a beautiful eight-year-old kid who would probably say "not that vegetable soup again!" but maybe she'd like it. We still do.