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Vegetarian entrees

Sweet Potato Casserole

Recipe contributed in honor of Martha Harris

by Claudia Sherman


Martha Harris was my mother. Although she died in 1972 at only 48 years of age, her influence is strong in her daughters. As active-duty U.S. Air Force family, my Mom often invited young Jewish servicemen and their wives (if they were married) to our house for holiday meals. Sweet potato casserole was one of her often prepared side dishes, and everybody loved it! As my sisters and I grew up and married, we enjoyed cooking and baking just about anything our Mom used to make. It was a way of "getting in touch" with her. I've tried many sweet potato recipes over the years, but they all remind me of my Mom.

Rice/Spinach Pie

Recipe in memory of Rose Weiner  

Recipe contribution from Janey Dann      

My blessed sweet Mom loved to cook and loved having company for dinner. She was not a gourmet chef, but her meals were always nutritious and tasty. She found cooking very relaxing and satisfying.