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15 June 2016

Final Farewell Sermon

Written by Rabbi Josh Brown, Posted in Temple Israel

Eight years ago, Carrie and I moved to North Carolina.  We were not even engaged.  Carrie had no idea that she was about to be thrown into the very busy life of the synagogue and I barely knew what it meant to be a rabbi.  We talk about that time in our lives as the “Genesis” - the first book, of our life.  It was our Garden of Eden - the place where we were married, where we had our first home, our first kid and our first congregation.

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07 April 2016

Thank You from Federated Church

Posted in Temple Israel

Please accept our great appreciation for the wonderful hospitality you provided to the confirmation class of Federated Church this past Saturday at Temple Israel. We are so thankful for the tour that Mr. Littky gave to our group prior to the service. We are full of gratitude for Rabbi Azriel so actively including us in the morning service.

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25 February 2016

Visiting Temple Israel by Yara Abdel Jabbar

Posted in Temple Israel

Our visit to Temple Israel was very interesting and a great learning experience. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the beautiful architecture. The building was very beautiful and I really admired the modern look. There were also stones built into a wall shape outside the temple brought from Jerusalem, to symbolize the connection between Judaism and the holy land. 


28 October 2015

Visiting Temple Israel

I went to Israel Temple last Friday; it was an awesome experience. I am a Muslim person and I have never gone to any other Temple places. As you know, we do not have any other religion in my country Saudi Arabia. So I did not have the chance to go and explore other religion and see what other religion do. How they pray?


14 October 2015

Habitat for Humanity

Posted in Temple Israel

IMG 6908

On Sunday, October 11, 14 volunteers from Temple Israel built walls and ceilings for a home that we are building with Habitat for Humanity of Omaha. Temple Israel is working in a coalition with 12 religious institutions to build a home from the ground up this fall. The home is in the Kountze Park neighborhood in North Omaha and sits on the same street as 3 other Habitat-built homes part of a strategy to revitalize targeted areas of our community.

22 September 2015

Days of Awe by Steve Dannon

Posted in Religious School

So there I sat on this last Wednesday night, eating my dinner at Temple. As usual, which is always a special treat, kids from my last year’s class join some of the kids from this year’s class as we all eat dinner together.


25 August 2015

As I See It... by Rabbi Azriel

Written by Rabbi Aryeh Azriel, Posted in Temple Israel

azriel web 200pxSynagogues, like people, are born, they grow up, they grow old and they die. And, some in keeping with ancient Jewish tradition, are also resurrected from the dead to experience a new and even better life. As in human life, there are no guarantees that each of the stages will be attained. Some do not live to grow up. Some grow old before their time. Still others never experience the total annihilation of death because those to whom they have given birth carry forward their work and values in ways that are both new and distinctive, and yet have continuity with the past.


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