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23 August 2012

Rabbi Linder says "Shalom, Y'all!"

Posted in High Holidays


It's hard to believe that just two months ago, I left Omaha, NE to become the rabbi here at Congregation Children of Israel, located in Athens, GA.

21 August 2012

Summer Speaker Series Week 12: Rosie Zweiback - The Promised Land of Cass Street

Written by David Golbitz, Posted in Summer Speaker Series

Rosie Zweiback took what some may call a roundabout path back to Temple Israel after moving away for college. To hear her tell the tale, it was fraught with the cynical disillusionment of a young woman who, away from home and exposed to new and different ideas, thought she knew what was best.

21 August 2012

First Day of Religious School Recap

Written by David Golbitz

This past Sunday saw parents and their tired children crawl out of bed much earlier than they had gotten used to over the summer and make their way to Temple Israel for the first day of Religious School.

(Photos inside)

20 August 2012

Six-word stories to ring in the new year

Written by David Golbitz, Posted in Temple Israel

With the High Holidays fast approaching, Temple Israel is encouraging its members to think outside the box about what Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur mean to them, and to share their ideas with the rest of the congregation. There’s just one catch: they have to do it using only six words.

20 August 2012

Adult Education starts anew for Elul

Written by David Golbitz, Posted in Adult Education

Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, and Temple Israel is here to facilitate and educate.

Beginning on Thursday, August 23 at 10 a.m., Temple Israel’s Adult Study program reconvenes for three weeks with a focus on the month of Elul and its importance leading up to the High Holidays.

20 August 2012

Miriam Brooks Revisits Temple Israel

Written by David Golbitz, Posted in Summer Speaker Series

Miriam Brooks, daughter of former Temple Israel Rabbi Sidney Brooks, moved away from Omaha more than 30 years ago, but to this day, when she thinks of home, she still thinks of Omaha. And now, as Temple Israel prepares to move to a new building, Miriam is returning to Omaha to share her thoughts with the congregation of the building she grew up in, the Temple Israel her father shaped.

20 August 2012

OTYG invites Omaha’s Jewish youth to kick off the year with a splash

Written by David Golbitz, Posted in OTYG

Summer is winding down and school is right around the corner, but one of Omaha’s Jewish youth groups isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. OTYG is hosting a pool party/membership drive on August 24 and it’s open to all kids in grades 9-12.

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