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03 July 2012

Summer Speaker Series Week 5 - Ted Seldin and the Tornado

Written by David Golbitz, Posted in Summer Speaker Series

The devastating tornado that hit Omaha in early May 1975 was a little before my time, but as anyone who has lived in the Midwest for any length of time can attest, another one is always right around the corner.

On May 6 of that year, Ted Seldin was at home while his daughter Stephanie was at Temple Israel rehearsing for that year's confirmation ceremony. As you can hear her describe in the video posted below, there had been storms and rumblings that entire week, so when the tornado sirens first went off no one gave them much thought.

06 June 2012

Summer Speaker Series Week 1 – March of the Living

Written by David Golbitz

This past April, high school students Laura Gilinsky, Sydney Robinson, Caroline Rockman, Rachel Sullivan and Lindsey Thomas joined thousands of other teenagers from around the world as they embarked on the March of the Living, an annual pilgrimage that many young Jews make to concentration camps in Poland, where they participate in a march from Auschwitz to Birkenau in remembrance of the millions lost to the Holocaust.

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