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23 October 2014

Mazel Tov to Jewish Omaha

Posted in Temple Israel


The Jerusalem Post (the #1 English news source on Israel) did a short write up of the innovative Sukkot project led by our Community Shaliach Eliad Eliyahu. READ MORE

23 October 2014

Reflections on the 9th Grade Trip to the Big Apple!

Written by Debbie Massarano, Posted in Religious School


Upon landing in New York City last Friday, we dumped our bags at the hotel and Rabbi Brown, our 9th graders, and I headed directly to the “Top of the Rock” – the observation point on the top of Rockefeller Center. Rabbi Brown pointed out all the key places – Central Park, the upper West Side, the Empire State Building, the Lower East side, and Ellis Island and the Stature of Liberty.


02 October 2014

Notes of Thanks from Central High School

Posted in New Building, Rabbi

We often have groups from local schools or houses of worship come visit us at Temple Israel and listen to one of the clergy or Program Director Scott Littky tell them about our synagogue and the Jewish faith. Most recently, Rabbi Azriel spoke to Central High School students and here are some comments on the thank you cards he recieved from them afterwards:


"I really liked the idea of the Tri Faith center that will be built! I believe it’s a wonderful idea to bring the Abrahamic faiths together!"  - Sydney


17 September 2014

Omaha is our Shetel: A Letter to Elie Wiesel

Posted in Temple Israel

Dear Mr. Wiesel,

I’m writing you to invite you back to Omaha.  I know you visited here many years ago, but I’m not sure you grasped what is here in your brief visit.  Perhaps we asked you to speak too much, rather than letting you hear our perspective on the world.  I’m not sure you grasped what is here, because, having read much of your work, had you truly realized what is here, I think you would have decided to stay. 


03 September 2014

Religious School Report

Posted in Religious School

Debbie1We are very excited to get this new year of Jewish education underway. We are here to work with you to raise up the next generation of people living ethically and Jewishly connected. We recognize this is a partnership between you, your family and our congregation and we cannot do this alone. We have created an educational program that supports our common Jewish values, builds community and connection, while also building skills and knowledge for all our students. To that end, we have carefully crafted family participation this year. We hope you will join us when you are able.


03 September 2014

President's Report

Posted in New Building, Temple Israel

Halsted-webWhere has the time gone? It is hard to believe that our congregation is already embarking on the second year in our new synagogue. As we have settled into our new home over this past year, it is certain that we are fortunate to have such a spectacular facility in which to share in our congregation’s life.

Temple Israel’s move from Cass Street to Sterling Ridge is a monumental part of our congregation’s history, and everyone who contributed time and/or financially to the building of our new synagogue should be proud of this accomplishment. Now, we need to focus and dedicate ourselves as a congregation to making what happens inside the walls of our new home monumental as well. Certainly there are still tasks to complete. The Art Committee is working diligently to plan the placement of memorabilia and memorials from the Cass Street building and we look forward to the final disposition of the Cass Street building to be completed this fall. But in a larger perspective, we need to continue the best of our traditions from Cass Street and expand them and also create new ones going forward at Sterling Ridge.


03 September 2014

As I See It... by Rabbi Azriel

Posted in High Holidays

azriel web 200pxI confess to a hang-up about celebrating my birthday. It makes me uncomfortable. I would rather the day just slip by unnoticed.

The aging process does not annoy me. The usual banter about aging is that the alternative is worse. Perhaps it’s the self-centeredness of the day that leaves me less than enthusiastic.

The birthday theme of Rosh Hashanah can on the other hand be very satisfying. To start life anew, to overcome yesterday’s errors, to begin again when liberated by refreshed hope, to discover new possibilities, to wakeup to the excitement of surprises for tomorrow... that is the spirit of the Jewish New Year. I prefer celebrating Rosh Hashanah’s emphasis on the birthday of the world, than my own.


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