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The Hermene Zweiback Center for Lifelong Learning is 15 years old!


“Now seems to be an appropriate time to re-evaluate our purpose, our results and our goals.

As a dedicated learner, Hermene believed that visiting Jewish educators and scholars would enhance the religious experience of Temple Israel membership and I share that view.

There has always been a core of learners that participate in almost all of Temple Israel’s events and the center endeavors to increase the size of that group using notable guests.

The essence of Judaism is more about ethical behavior and spiritual knowledge than about bricks and mortar.

Adult education, I believe, is the cornerstone of synagogue life that influences our children and how we view our religion.

The Hermene Zweiback Center for Lifelong Learning provides Temple Israel with visiting scholars who inspire and sometimes even provoke us into being more thoughtful and more engaged people of the Jewish faith.”

Happy Learning,
Speedy Zweiback


To register for classes, contact the Temple Israel Office 402-556-6536. You are welcome to preview the first session of a class before registering. Reduced class fees are available by contacting Executive Director Dennis DePorte.

The process of choosing Judaism is unique to each person who takes the journey. Some may choose to become Jewish through the experience of falling in love with a Jewish person and deciding to join their lives in marriage. Some may choose Judaism as they raise Jewish children. Some who have no other connection to the Jewish community seem to know they were meant to be Jewish all along.

Temple Israel clergy are available to meet with those who wish to convert to Judaism and guide their Jewish studies. Priority will be given to Temple members but others are welcome to inquire. If you have questions about converting to Judaism, please contact the clergy.