The general functions of the board are to:

  • Define the mission of the synagogue, approve policy for fulfilling that mission, and take action to achieve it.
  • Find and install congregational leaders, define their roles, motivate and support them and evaluate their performance.
  • Evaluate the board’s own performance. In order to execute these functions, the board will need to determine policy, develop resources, manage personnel, serve leaders in the Jewish community and be fiscally responsible.

Board members enable our congregation to fulfill its mission by assuming the following responsibilities:

  • Accepting fiduciary duties
  • Being a leader and role model
  • Listening to the members of the synagogue
  • Transforming the needs of the congregation into realistic goals
  • Initiating programs
  • Planning effectively for the future
  • Establishing a sound organizational structure
  • Fostering solid management practices

The Board of Trustees generally meets on the third Tuesday of every month.



Andie Gordman

President Elect

Dan Gilbert

Presidential Appointees Dan Marburg


Jeff Platt



Vice President

Justin Cooper

Vice President Troy Meyerson

Susie Norton


Jeff Smedlund

Past President

Rosie Zweiback

Trustee Mindi Armstrong
Trustee Denise Blake
Trustee Jessica Cohn
Trustee Lester Katz
Trustee Danielle Howell
Trustee Stanley Krieger
Trustee Brandon Koom
Trustee Traci Kugler
Trustee Lisa Lewis
Trustee Ann Osborne
Trustee Joseph Pinson
Trustee Geoff Silverstein