At Jewish summer camp, there is no such word as boring! Every day campers explore the arts, score on the sports fi elds, dive into the lakes and pools, celebrate Jewish culture, and flourish in the many traditional and innovative camp trends. Each camp has its own unique fl avor of programming – we recommend that you look at each camp’s website for a detailed look at their programs. We have highlighted the three Jewish camps where the majority of Temple Israel campers head to during the summer.

The following list of Jewish camps represent the most common destinations for Temple Israel youth. Whatever you are looking for in a camp: mountains or lakes, a large camp or a smaler one, a focus on sports, the arts, nature or Hebrew – there is a camp that is right for you. Please note that OSRUI is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism and each summer Rabbi Azriel spends two weeks there on staff. Some children might like knowing their Rabbi will be at their session to give them a hug and a high five.summercamp

We encourage you to visit all of the websites. Should you wish to speak to any campers or their parents who have attended these camps, please contact Executive Director Dennis DePorte for assistance.


Individual Camp Scholarships
Check each camp website for scholarship information. Remember, the earlier you register, the more likely the funds (which are limited) will still be available.

Eisenberg Campership Fund
All Temple Israel youth are eligible for a $1,000 Eisenberg Campership for their fi rst residential Jewish camp experience (which can begin the summer after second grade). To use this campership, contact Executive Director Dennis DePorte.

Federation Grants Available
Sixth graders are eligible to receive Jewish Experience Grants up to two $500 payments toward a Jewish residential summer camp will be given as a B’nai Mitzvah gift. Please contact Mary Sue Grossman at The Center for Jewish Education.

In addition, confidential scholarships based on need are available through the Center for Jewish Education. The Jewish Federation of Omaha gives $1,000 Jewish camperships as a B’nai Mitzvah gift for every Jewish child in Omaha. This gift may be used the summer before and/or the summer after their B’nai Mitzvah. For more information about Federation camp funds, please contact the Administrator at the Center for Jewish Education.