None of us is immune from life’s struggles. For each of us, there is a turning point when we realize how fragile life is and how crucial community is.   For our moments of joy and sorrow, loss, illness, and loneliness, our Temple must be a place that offers a framework for celebration, comfort and healing.   If you would like to get involved in the Caring Committee, please contact the Chair Wendy Vann, 402-391-5595.


Caring Community Activities and Volunteer Needs Expand

Temple’s Caring Community needs your help! In order to continue to provide much-needed, and much-appreciated, caring services to our congregants, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The good news is that there are many ways to get involved! You can:

• Bake challah

• Cook chicken soup

• Donate plastic containers

• Make calls following hospital stays

• Deliver meals

• Make shabbat visits (weekly, monthly, quarterly, occasionally) to congregants at the Blumkin Home

• Help to schedule Blumkin Home Shabbat visits

• Participate in other activities with congregants at the Blumkin Home

• Send greeting cards

• Knit healing shawls or baby caps


Please contact Wendy Vann 
or Wendy Goldberg, to join us in these mitzvot.


Blumkin Home Volunteer Schedule

In times of need and in celebration, in sickness and in health, when we are sad and when we are joyful, from birth to death, Temple Israel members reach out to one another. Caring Congregation volunteers bring our community closer together and bring Temple Israel and Judaism closer to those who are unable to come to us.  Would you like to befriend members who are homebound or living in assisted/independent living facilities, deliver meals to members, provide support in neighborhoods where congregants live, or make calls to invite members to services? Please contact Program Director Wendy Goldberg,556-6536, to participate in this holy endeavor.

Hospital Visits

Should you or a loved one experience a stay in the hospital, please let the hospital know that you are Jewish and would welcome a clergy visit or have a family member call the Temple directly.  Rabbi Azriel, Rabbi Linder and Cantor Shermet make regular hospital visits but they can only see you there if they know you are a patient.

Changes in privacy laws now restrict hospital chaplain offices from notifying Temple about congregants who are patients. We want to visit our members. You can help us keep in contact by:

  1. Calling Temple prior to a scheduled hospital stay.
  2. During admissions, inform the hospital staff of your Temple affiliation and give permission for your name to be released to the Temple office.
  3. If you are unexpectedly admitted to the hospital, ask a family member or friend to call Temple.
  4. Call and tell us if someone you know is ill or in the hospital and might be helped by a visit or telephone call.

Help us keep in contact with our Temple family!

Mi Shebeirach

On Shabbat, the clergy reads the names of those who need a prayer for healing.  If you would like to have your name read or that of a loved one, please contact the clergy.  Please do not submit a name for the mishebeirach list if you do not have that person’s permission.

If you or a loved one are experiencing an illness and would like a home-cooked meal, the Caring Community would be delighted to deliver one to your door.  Please contact the Chair Wendy Vann for assistance.