Consultation on Conscience – Register Today!

The Consultation on Conscience, April 21-23, 2013, is Reform Judaism’s flagship social justice conference, where we work together to help advance Jewish values and enlightened and progressive social policies. As always, we bring together Jewish and public policy decision makers for three days of social action and legislative advocacy sessions.

We are getting more and more excited as we work to line up the key speakers at the Consultation. In past few years, key people we’ve heard from and interacted with in the last few years are Vice President Al Gore, Sen. Susan Collins, Mayor Cory Booker and Sec. Hilary Clinton.

LGBT equality. Immigration reform. Civil rights. The environment. These are the issues we know will be shape the work of both the Reform Movement and the 113th Congress. If past is prologue, the opportunity for meaningful dialogue with elected officials, congregational social action leaders and other community activists will be a shot of adrenalin to help energize you and your community.

Early Bird – $279 save 15% by registering early! Registration is $319 afterwards, so save and register now!

Other rates are available for Groups, Rabbinic students, first time attendees who are Social Action Chairpersons, Young Professionals, Small Congregations and more. Contact us for details.

As you read the newspaper or watch the news, do you frequently experience indignation? If so, this event is for you.  Are you a congregational leader, looking to mobilize your congregation around a critical social justice issue? This event is for you. Curious about just what goes on “inside the beltway” and how you can access it? This event is for you.

Let it be a call to your conscience and become a part of a national network of like-minded and committed advocates for decency and dignity, of people who are offended, even outraged, by the persistence, here in America, of hunger and of poverty, who care passionately for environmental issues and for women’s right to reproductive choice, for who gets to sit on the Supreme Court – well, you get the idea.