If you are considering converting to Judaism, the Temple Israel community provides a supportive and welcoming place for you to make this sacred exploration. The first step toward exploring conversion is to set up a meeting with any one of our clergy. Together, you will make a plan for your course of study. The process of conversion is tailored to fit the person’s background, experience, and interests, but typically includes individual meetings with a clergy member every month or so, completion of an introduction to Judaism class like the Center for Jewish Life’s Introduction to Judaism, regular participation in worship, study and other programs at Temple Israel, and exploring Jewish practices in the home such as celebrating Shabbat and holidays. The conversion process culminates in the rituals of meeting with a Beit Din (rabbinical court), immersion in the mikveh (ritual bath) and a ceremony of welcome.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of conversion, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the clergy at Temple Israel. They will be very glad to explore the process with you and help you decide if conversion is the right path for you.