Monday-Friday, 8 am.
Zoom link:

As part of our commitment to be a source of spiritual sustenance during this time of isolation and anxiety, I will be leading a Daily Virtual Morning Minyan (prayer service) from my home that will last approximately 30 minutes.

We will use the same Zoom link each day, so you can simply copy the link into your daily calendar and join us whenever you can!

Morning prayer has been the bedrock of my personal spiritual practice for 15 years. Every morning before my kids wake up, I come down to my basement, put on my tallit and t’fillin, and pray the morning service. I have found it to be an extraordinarily powerful daily practice and I think you will, too.

I’d like to invite you in to my home first thing in the morning to pray with me. No frills, no sermon, no frontal presentation. Just you and me, in the quiet stillness of the morning, chanting the prayers in an authentic Reform style (with both Hebrew and English), watching the sun begin to illumine the world. I won’t be dressed up; in fact, I’ll come in a t-shirt and pajama pants and slippers – and I hope you will, too. Because it’s not about pretense or how you look. It’s about prayer, and God, and standing in awe at the dawning of a new day.

I’m looking forward to praying with you each morning and I hope you will join me!



Rabbi Brian Stoller