So there I sat on this last Wednesday night, eating my dinner at Temple. As usual, which is always a special treat, kids from my last year’s class join some of the kids from this year’s class as we all eat dinner together.

What made this early evening so special . . .  To my right, Clark Kent* (7th Grade)   and to my left, Jimmy Olsen* (8th Grade)-two very special boys.  As we all were chatting I realized they didn’t know each other so I introduced them to one another.

Then as they talked I realized they both went to the same Middle School. They both had not seen each other in school because of the grade difference, but they both immediately began talking about teachers and subjects, and where they both lived, (which was very close to each other).

As I sat there and watched these two young Jewish boys chat, realizing that this was the birth of a friendship, it all came together. This is why I go home sometimes crazy from dealing with a bunch of 7th graders on Wednesday night. I sat there with chills going up and down my back and thought in “Awe” . . . make a positive difference in one child’s life and it is all worth it.

Thanks for the opportunity  . . .

Shana Tova……

Steve Danon

*not their real names