yarhzeitcandleWhen a loved one dies, Judaism offers prayers and rituals to bring you comfort and strength. Your instinct may be to retreat into your grief, but the wisdom of our tradition teaches that this is not a time to be alone. For this reason, we have the custom of the shiva minyan where the family and friends gather for up to seven nights after the funeral to say prayers for your loved one. We also read the names of those who have recently departed for one month after their death. Mourners often choose to attend worship services regularly to say kaddish and to be with the community.

If your loved one is suffering a serious illness, the clergy will make hospital and home visits to help you and your beloved find strength in prayer, Jewish teaching and the compassion of a loving friend. After the death, the clergy will assist you in planning the funeral and the shiva minyans. The executive director can help you in making burial arrangements.

The first yahrzeit (anniversary of the death) of your beloved one will be observed and the name of your departed will be read from the pulpit when Kaddish is recited at Sabbath services.

Yizkor Services
Four times a year, it is a tradition in Judaism to read the names of our loved ones and say Kaddish for them. These Yizkor services occur on Yom Kippur, Simchat Torah, Passover and Shavuot.  If you would like to have your loved one’s name read, please contact the Temple Israel office, 402-556-6536.

Moments of Remembrance
On Yom Kippur afternoon, we invite you to gather with others who are in mourning to share stories about your beloved. The company of others who are also walking the path of grief can be uplifting and comforting. We welcome you to bring a photo or a keepsake of those you mourn.

Memorial Plaque
If you would like to purchase a memorial plaque for your beloved, please contact Executive Administrative Assistant Misty Weidner. The cost of the memorial plaque is a $750 tax deductible contribution to the congregation. This ensures that your beloved’s yahrzeit will be perpetually observed, the name will be read annually, and you will receive a notice of the service that marks his or her yahrzeit.

If you do not have a memorial plaque but would like the name of your beloved one to be read after the first yahrzeit, you may contact the Temple Israel office, 402-556-6536, the week before the anniversary date.

Book of Remembrance
Every year on Yom Kippur we publish a memorial book. You are invited to include the names of those you hold in your heart. A suggested donation is $50. You will receive information in the mail about the Book of Remembrance in August.

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