This Shabbat will mark the beginning of our deep dive into the 613 Mitzvot. These mitzvot are meant to serve as a framework for how we live our lives each and every day. At Sinai, the Israelites stood before God and said na’aseh v’nishmah, we will do them and we will [seek to] understand them. Now this may seem oddly phrased to some– shouldn’t we understand something before we do it? In some cases, the answer is yes. We understand the mitzvot; they make sense to us, and so we do them. But there are other instances where the meaning and connection may not be clear to us from the beginning. But I believe that there is still meaning to be found in these commandments. Sometimes we must do something in order to give ourselves the opportunity to find meaning in it. Sometimes the connection may not be logical but rather it is emotional or spiritual.

Together, at Torah study, we will study the meaning of the mitzvot, and learn about them, one by one, week by week. Some weeks we will study commandments that we are more familiar with, for others, we will all begin together. We know that this will enhance and enrich our study of Torah. We hope you will join us on this journey!