About Our Facility

  • Sanctuary seats 290 people
  • Livingston Chapel seats 100 people
  • Friedman Social Hall can accommodate 225 guests
  • Milder Center can accommodate 80 guests
  • Library
  • Classrooms
  • Kitchen
  • WRJ Gift Shop

About Rental

Reception Fees
Milder Center – $200
Friedman Social Hall – $225
Both – $300

Dinner or Luncheon
Milder Center – $300
Friedman Social Hall – $350
Both – $400

Oneg Shabbat
No charge. WRJ-O supplies coffee, tea, powdered creamers, sugar and stock paper goods. You supply sweets and are responsible for filling trays Friday afternoon.

Brit, Baby Naming, Conversion Reception
Milder Center – $100

Family Dinner (Friday evening before or after services) 
Milder Center – $125

About Our Kitchen Rental Policy

Any time dishes, glassware or utensils are used, you must contract for dishwashers through the Executive Director. No congregant is permitted to wash dishes, glasses or utensils.

Rental arrangements for the Sanctuary, Livingston Chapel and Friedman Social Hall must be made through the office. The Sanctuary seats 290 people; the Chapel seats 100. The Friedman Social Hall can accommodate 225 guests and the Milder Center can accommodate 80 guests. There is a no rental fee for the Sanctuary or Chapel, or the use of the chuppah. Current fee schedules are available in the office. All accounts must be current at the time of rental. Caterers must be pre-approved by the Temple Israel and if they have not catered in the building before, must meet with the Executive Director in advance of the event. A custodian will be in the building during the event. If either the Sanctuary or Friedman Social Hall is being used for other purposes, access will be delayed until the rooms are cleaned and reset. These events are scheduled on the Temple Israel calendar well in advance, so you will be informed when you discuss your dates with the Temple Israel office. Please contact Executive Director Dennis DePorte to rent any section of our facility.

Gift Shop

Don’t feel you have to shop out of town to find a special gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a wedding or other simchah. Temple Israel’s Gift Shop is well stocked with beautiful seder plates and other Passover supplies. Whether you’re looking for seasonal items, or a special mezzuzah, challah cover, kiddush cup, tzedakah box, check out Temple Israel’s Gift Shop.


Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fridays: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday mornings when Religious School is in session



The Temple Israel library has over 1,890 volumes, including books about prayer, Jewish philosophy, Jewish history, Israel and an assortment of other reference books. There are also a number of videos, children’s books and novels with Jewish themes. The library hosts the Rabbi Sidney and Jane Brooks collection of Jewish Literature as well as the personal library of Richard M. Goldstein donated by his parents in his memory. The library is open whenever the Temple Israel is open. Congregants are invited to check books out on an honor system. Instructions are posted in the library, which is located right across from the entrance to the Temple Israel office.