We are very excited to get this new year of Jewish education underway. We are here to work with you to raise up the next generation of people living ethically and Jewishly connected. We recognize this is a partnership between you, your family and our congregation and we cannot do this alone. We have created an educational program that supports our common Jewish values, builds community and connection, while also building skills and knowledge for all our students. 

I welcome your feedback, ideas and dreams. Please contact me anytime, Religious School Director Sharon Comisar-Langdon, 402-556-6536.

Building A Community of Learners

Family School is a family-based alternative to Wednesday afternoon Religious School. Children and parents who participate create a small community within the larger Temple Israel community that learns, celebrates and socializes together. We know from experience that families who have shared this experience have forged bonds and friendships that have endured long after their children “graduated from the program.
First, parents model the importance of a continuing, lifelong Jewish education.
Second, parents and children learning together can better relate their shared experiences outside of the classroom. Parents understand more deeply their child’s learning accomplishments and can reinforce those at home.
Finally, parents and students connect with other Temple Israel families, cementing the foundations of learning and growing within a community. It does take a village to raise a strong, educated Jewish child.

Learning is a parallel happening for the whole family!

  • Third through sixth graders meet with their regular teachers, working within the same lessons as their Wednesday counterparts.
  • Younger siblings have fun playing together, or sharing a holiday or Bible story or craft project.
  • Parents, too, have their learning time. Program Director Scott Littky has arranged an interesting array of topics and teachers to meet everyone’s interests.
  • At the end of the evening, everyone has something to share in the car ride home what they learned in Religious School that day.