Get Out The Vote: Marriage Equality

Election Day is under a week away and it’s time to look again at the critical marriage equality initiatives on the ballot in four different states. Next Tuesday citizens in Maine, Washington and Maryland will have the opportunity to approve marriage for all those who live in their states. Residents of Minnesota have the chance to be the first to stop a discriminatory marriage ballot initiative.

The Union for Reform Judaism could not be clearer in its support for marriage equality. It has demanded civil partnerships for Gays and Lesbians since the mid-90s and allowed Reform rabbis to perform same-sex marriages since 2000. As a religious community we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to lead the charge for equality. As you join the fight for marriage equality, make sure to read our Get Out The Vote Guide for specific information on what you as religious leaders and religious organizations can and cannot do on ballot initiatives.

If you live in Maine, be sure to vote YES on Question 1 and check out Mainers United For Marriage for more information on how you can get involved.

If you live in Maryland, vote YES on Question 6! Check out Marylanders for Marriage Equality (a coalition the URJ is partner in) for more information.

Washingtonians should APPROVE Referendum 74 and take a look at Washington United For Marriage for more.

Minnesotans should vote NO on the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, and visit Minnesotans United For All Families to join the fight.

All of these groups will be undertaking Get Out The Vote operations over the campaign’s final days, and consider signing up if you live in one of these states. You can be involved even if you live near any of these states; consider taking a trip for the weekend and lending a hand. Finally, even if you don’t live anywhere near these states but have friends and family who do, call them, ask them how they’re voting on the marriage initiatives and tell them how you feel. All the research shows that this kind of personal contact is the best way to change minds and turn out the vote.

It is a historic moment in the struggle for LGBT equality and for the next five days (and beyond) you have the chance to participate!