Rabbi Gross will host Sabrina Thomas, the AIPAC Southwest Christian Outreach Director, during this week’s Good Shabbos Nebraska at Beth Israel Synagogue.

As Rabbi Gross wrote on his blog:

While AIPAC has always been a Jewish institution, AIPAC has taken into account the current demographic trends of the Jewish community in America.  The organization ascertained that in order to sustain and grow the strength of the US – Israel relationship, it needed to expand its base of support. 

Therefore, AIPAC opened its doors in recent years welcoming other pro-Israel Americans to join its advocacy efforts. AIPAC is reaching out to religiously-motivated pro-Israel Christians, African Americans, and Latinos.

Good Shabbos Nebraska begins at 10 a.m. at Beth Israel. Sabrina Thomas is the guest this week, Saturday, December 7.