Temple Teen Curriculum
Amy Katz, teacher
Our 12th graders will continue exploring the multitude of opportunities for Jewish growth that await them on a college campus and other post-high school environments. They will continue to think about and discuss which of these opportunities most appeals to them and which they are most likely to pursue after high school.

OJC Curriculum
Omaha Jewish Connection will be an exploration of important Jewish issues relevant to the lives of today’s teenagers. OJC will give students an opportunity to practice Judaism with their peers and learn from other members of the larger Jewish community. Ultimately, it will give our students a chance to broaden their perspectives on a variety of topics integral to Judaism.

11th and 12th grade College Prep Trip (year 1): College campuses large and small are booming with opportunities for Jewish college students to engage in our tradition, build a sense of community among their peers and further their studies in the growing world of Jewish studies. Students are invited to join Cantor Shermet as we explore the University of Kansas campus, Hillel and Jewish studies department.

11th and 12th grade Trip to Israel (year 2): We are setting our sights for a trip to Israel for our 11th and 12th graders next year. Plans are just getting off the ground. If you would like to be involved in planning this journey, please contact Rabbi Josh Brown.

Senior Send Off
Just as our confirmands reaffirm their dedication to Judaism after 10th grade, we recognize our high school graduates as they prepare to take Judaism with them into the next stage of their lives. Senior Send Off is an intimate opportunity to pause and reflect on this rite of passage and a chance for our clergy to offer advice to the graduating class.

Senior Send Off is also used as an opportunity to enjoy our students’ musical talents, or lack thereof, in a comfortable, friendly environment.

$200 Temple Teen Program/Omaha Jewish Connection fee
$100 Grade 11 College Trip, Date to be determined
$25 Senior Send Off Ceremony fee