Today, more than 750 Reform congregations, divided into 19 regions throughout North America, sponsor Temple Youth Groups, bringing the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) experience to more than 10,000 high schoolers in grades 9 thru 12. Each year, an extensive menu of year round and summer programs offers exciting choices for life changing NFTY experiences. Leadership training, urban community service, NFTY in Israel, NFTY High School in Israel all provide wonderful opportunities for teens. Do you want to learn more about NFTY and its programs? Contact Youth Director Jacob Kahn.

Missouri Valley Region

NFTY-MV includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, and parts of Illinois, Kentucky and South Dakota. NFTY Regions provide programming and administrative support to the local youth groups – helping to share the wisdom and experience gathered from hundreds of youth groups and adult leaders from across North America. Missouri Valley’s four or five regional events are an outstanding supplement to what takes place locally, and are very popular among many of our regional members.

NFTY in Israel

NFTY Israel

While we can’t zap the beauty, fun and excitement of NFTY in Israel to you in an e-mail, we’ve tried to capture the Israel experience in this video. So, sit back and enjoy the show!