We often have groups from local schools or houses of worship come visit us at Temple Israel and listen to one of the clergy or Program Director Scott Littky tell them about our synagogue and the Jewish faith. Most recently, Rabbi Azriel spoke to Central High School students and here are some comments on the thank you cards he recieved from them afterwards:

“I really liked the idea of the Tri Faith center that will be built! I believe it’s a wonderful idea to bring the Abrahamic faiths together!”  – Sydney

“I am excited to go back on a Friday and actually experience a service.” – Makayla

“The memorial hallway was extremely beautiful as well as the stained glass in your synagogue.” – Janay

“I really enjoyed how open-minded you are. I know little and do not have any Jewish friends to teach me about the Jewish religion. The synagogue and yourself were not what I imagined a Jewish place of worship and a Rabbi would be like.” – Angelica

“Now, because of you, I have a new understanding of the beautiful Jewish faith and traditions. I really liked the way you explained the view of afterlife, I had never thought of it that way. Thanks again so much!” – Isaac

“It was an honor letting me hold the scroll and trusting me with it. Although nervous, it felt good being a Jew in a way for a day.” – Chris

“I really appreciated what you said about focusing on your life now, not the afterlife.” – Isaiah

“I really enjoyed hearing about the Jewish religion, but what I really loved was how you will marry two lesbian or gay people. It’s great and very comforting for me personally that religious leaders are growing to be more accepting of gays and lesbians. Thank you so much!” – Elizabeth

“Being a young Catholic girl, I’ve never really gotten the chance to go to a different house of worship, but sitting and listening to all the things you said was truly eye opening. I’ve always known that my faith is very similar to yours, but today I got to experience that with my own eye and ears. Many of the things we discussed, I related to quite a lot. When you spoke about your belief of the afterlife, I thought what you said was so profound, it brought tears to my eyes.” – Lily

“I found it very exciting when you showed us the Torah scrolls. Also your house of worship is very beautiful.” – Anonymous

“I really liked your comment about how you and others grow over time and as a result can come to terms with/accept practices you otherwise wouldn’t.” – Anonymous