With two successful First Fridays in the rearview mirror, Temple Israel is turning over the reins to its teenagers in November. With Fall Chavurah beginning that evening, OTYG will be leading a fun, engaging Shabbat service, full of songs and music chosen by the youth group.

“It has been a large undertaking, but the kids have diligently met every Sunday for the past month to get everything done,” Youth Advisor Amy Katz said.

OTYG President Hannah Perry will lead the Friday evening service as well as a Saturday morning service that will be held at UNO’s Milo Bail Student Center, where the NFTY kids will meet that morning.

There will be about 100 teenagers from around NFTY’s Missouri Valley Region in attendance, coming from as far away as Wyoming and Colorado and as close as Iowa and Kansas.

“With our teens leading the service, we think this is a wonderful opportunity to show them our love and support,” Program Director Wendy Goldberg said. “It will be a great night for the congregation to come together for a lively, all-ages service.”

The evening will begin with blessings over the candles and wine in the lobby at 5:30 p.m., followed by the Shabbat service in the main sanctuary at 6 p.m. Ariel Kohll will lead the congregation into the sanctuary with her guitar-playing and singing.

“I’ve never song-led in front of that many people, and I’m honored to be able to spread my love for Judaism and NFTY through song,” Kohll said. “Music means everything to us NFTY-ites and I see this being the best Chavurah ever.”

Chavurah Co-Chair Zane Fletcher will give the D’Var Torah and, after services, the youth group teens will enjoy a Shabbat dinner in the social hall, followed by a song session and a program written by OTYG Programming Vice-President Hannah Budwig.

“I say this all the time but it is worth repeating: OTYG kids love what they do, believe in it and work hard to share their energy with those around them,” Katz said. “I am proud to represent them as advisor.”