Emergency Closing
Religious School is automatically cancelled if two or more public school districts cancel due to weather. Temple Israel Religious School will post school cancellations on all local television stations and on the Temple Israel website (templeisrael-ne.org). In the case of any severe weather, please check these venues before calling the Temple Israel offi ce. Parents should always use their best judgment concerning icy neighborhood streets.

Medical Policy
Written permission listing approved medications must be on fi le for a student to receive any kind of medication at Religious School. If medications change after the registration forms have been completed and returned, please write an addendum for us to keep on fi le. If your child has an allergy that requires the use of an EpiPen, we request that one be kept in the classroom in the event of an emergency.

Sitter Service is available during Religious School hours so you can take advantage of the great adult education opportunities available!

Sundays, 10 a.m. – Noon
Wednesdays, 4 – 6 p.m. and 6:30 – 8 p.m.

A $5 donation is appreciated.

Early Pick-up
If your child needs to leave Religious School before the end of the school period, please come in and pick-up your child from the classroom. We will not release any child early from class to anyone other than a parent without a written request. This includes carpools.

Drop-off and Pick-up Safely
Every year we strategize the best (and safest) means of organizing drop-off and pick-up of our students. This year, please remain conscientious of the following:
• When you stop your car to drop off or pick up, please be considerate of the person ahead and behind you – if you are blocking someone, please move your car.
• To drop off or pick up your student, please stay in the closest lane to the south entrance. If your child needs longer 20 seconds to exit or enter your vehicle, please park in the south lot and walk to the building.
• The eff ectiveness of a safe and smooth arrival and dismissal time rests in the cooperation of our parents and the concern we all have for the safety of our children.

Cell Phones
Cell phones have the potential to cause disruption in the teaching and learning process
and are not permitted during school hours. If you need to reach your student during school hours, please call the school secretary, 402-556-6536, and we will have your student come to the office. Students needing to call home can do so in the Religious School office. Cell phones will be collected at the beginning of every class.

Allergy Alert Temple Israel has removed peanut butter from the kitchen due to the increasing number of children in Religious School with life-threatening peanut allergies. This is a step that Temple Israel can make to help maintain a safe environment for our peanut allergic members. Although Temple Israel will not be a “peanut-free” building, as these foods may still be brought into Temple Israel and Temple Israel functions, we ask that you consider our peanut allergic members and label all foods containing peanuts and/or peanut butter to help maintain the safety of our congregation. Please be conscientious and “peanut free” if you bring treats for the class. Thank you for your help and understanding about why peanut butter will no longer be served. For more information about food allergies, visit www.foodallergy.org.

Temple Israel Religious School Behavior Policy
Temple Israel is a very special place. It is a building that houses Jewish ceremonial objects, classrooms, offices and books. It is also a Jewish communal center for our members and for anyone who comes here to pray, to study, and to fi nd a caring community of people. As a junior member of the congregation, your responsibilities to Temple Israel, its members and staff are:

  •  To show respect for all classmates, teachers and guests anywhere in the Temple building.
  •  To be considerate of Temple Israel property and the personal property of others. 
  • To follow instructions given by teachers and Temple Israel staff with respect.
  •  To attend school, services and holiday celebrations regularly.

Temple Israel Religious School has a no tolerance policy regarding:

  •  bullying
  •  rudeness
  •  disrespect for fellow students, staff or teachers
  •  disrespect for Temple Israel property or personal property
  • hindering the learning and/or participation of classmates

Choosing to behave in a manner outside the behavior guidelines listed will be result in:

  •  receiving a warning by the teacher or staff member involved for the fi rst occurrence, along with an explanation of why your behavior was inappropriate.
  •  meeting with the Religious School Coordinator for a second reoccurrence of disruptive behavior, at which time you will reach an understanding the problem and outline steps to correct it before returning to class.
  • calling your parents to arrange a meeting with the Religious School Coordinator before the end of the class day. At this meeting, a suitable agreement correcting the inappropriate

Religious School behavior will be met, including the possibility of suspension. In addition, leaving the Temple Israel property without dismissal can lead to immediate suspension. You will not be allowed to return to class until a conference has been held with you, your parent(s), the Religious School Coordinator, and/or the rabbi. The Religious School Coordinator, the Rabbis, the Cantor, the Religious School Steering Committee and the teachers are here to help you in your growth as an individual and as a Jew. It is through cooperative efforts of students, parents, teachers and lay leaders that ours will be the best kind of Jewish School in a caring and concerned community. This policy is eff ective as of January 1986, and reaffi rmed as of August 2003. This and all policies are implemented with the discretion of the Religious School Coordinator and the Clergy of the congregation.

Attendance and Tardiness

The official Religious School attendance policy was set by the Temple Israel Board of Trustees is 80% (approved February 10, 1983). This is not an arbitrary number but one that reflects what our teachers have observed fi rsthand – absenteeism hinders active, connective learning and self-confi dence, and can lead to potential behavior problems. While 80% attendance is the responsibility of the student and his/her family to maintain, it is also the Religious School’s task to support and strategize the reality. We know that absences happen – but with home and school working together, we can minimize the impact on learning.

  • Inform the Religious School Coordinator as far in advance as possible of any planned absence to give teachers and students ample opportunity to preview assignments and take advantage of one-on-one teaching.         
  • Extracurricular secular activities do not have to become an obstacle for attending and learning in Religious School. Contact the offi ce and talk with the Coordinatorabout the options that may be available to meet the interests of your student and their success in Religious School.

Students with less than 80% attendance will receive a friendly “maintenance” reminder from the Coordinator. We appreciate every eff ort students (and their families) make to be at school on time, every time.

Service Attendance
Attendance at Shabbat services is an important element of the learning process, particularly as it relates to learning prayers, being comfortable in services and preparing for B’nai Mitzvah. For grades Kindergarten through fourth, the following guidelines refl ect a SUGGESTED minimum number of attendance – we encourage all families to join the congregation regularly at Shabbat and holiday services.

Grades Kindergarten – Two
Four (4) Friday night or Saturday morning services (including Tot Shabbat).

Grades Three & Four
Six (6) Friday night or Saturday morning services (not including Tot Shabbat). Grades five and six are REQUIRED to attend the following minimum number of services, and to sign in with the cantor, as part of the student’s bar/bat mitzvah preparation. Students who fall behind in service attendance will be contacted by the cantor.

Grade Five
Ten (10) Friday evening or Saturday morning services (not including Tot Shabbat).