Grade 8

Through Our Eyes
Eighth grade students engage in learning about Israel: its cities, it’s culture, it’s language, food and geography, while comparing and contrasting American and Israeli culture. Our students also learn about the Holocaust through grade appropriate themes and gain insight to historical, social, religious and economic factors.

$268 Religious School Fee
$25 Youth Activity Fee


Grades 9 & 10

In 9th grade our students begin to express a personal theology in relation to their life and Jewish tradition. We will expose the students to the works of a variety of modern theologians so that we may help them develop their own world view.  

Ninth graders will travel to New York City with their teachers where they will explore the gateway to American Jewry and the greatest melting pot of American culture. We will see a show, eat at the deli, tour the Lower East Side and pray in one of the oldest congregations in our country. 10th graders will visit Washington D.C. with their teachers to attend the Bernard and Audre Rapoport L’Taken Social Justice Seminar. In partnership with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC), students will have the opportunity to impact our political process as they share their views on social justice topics with decision-makers on Capitol Hill. There will also be opportunities to explore the monuments in our nation’s capital and pray havdalah at the foot of the Jefferson Memorial.

$268 Registration Fee
$600 NYC/DC L’taken Trip
$75 Confirmation Ceremony Fee
$50 Youth Activity Fee

Confirmation ceremonies are traditionally held around Shavuot, the holiday commemorating the day God handed down the Torah, and thus knowledge, to the Israelites. Confirmation celebrates the commitment our children have made to Judaic study, whether it be with the clergy or through a variety of Jewish experiences. Students will participate in the Shabbat service and share a special moment with our clergy on the bimah.


Grade 11 & 12

Jewish University
Our 11th and 12th graders, at times integrated with adult learners, will continue exploring the multitude of opportunities for Jewish growth that await them as they look forward to their post high school years.

11th and 12th grade College Prep Trip (year 1): College campuses large and small are booming with opportunities for Jewish college students to engage in our tradition, build a sense of community among their peers and further their studies in the growing world of Jewish studies.

11th and 12th grade Trip to Israel (year 2): Alternating years include a community trip to Israel for our 11th and 12th graders. 

Senior Send Off
Senior Send Off is an intimate opportunity to pause and reflect on this rite of passage and a chance for our clergy to offer advice to the graduating class. Temple Israel’s high school seniors will be given a celebratory blessing by the clergy as they prepare to begin the next phase of their lives.

$268 Religious School Fee

$300 College Trip or $500 Israel Trip
$50 Youth Activity Fee



Temple Teen Night
Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m. (includes dinner)
The Temple Teen Program is committed to teaching Reform Jewish values in a way that both deepens our relationships with Temple teens and, in turn, deepens their relationships with Judaism. Our curriculum is designed to go beyond the pediatric Judaism learned in Religious School and bridge the gap between childhood and adult learning. We also foster a strong connection between our students and our clergy.

Beit Café
Wednesdays, 7:30-8 p.m.
After class on Wednesdays, we provide the students a place to unwind, to hang out with their friends and get to know each other, and our clergy, a little better. Beit Café is that place.

At Beit Café, you can grab a bite to eat, schmooze with friends, clergy and various guest speakers, or simply work on your homework. Beit Café is a place where you can just be yourself.

OTYG is open to all youth in 9th-12th grade. The overall purpose is to instill Jewish identity and foster commitment to the ideals and values of Reform Judaism. These purposes are pursued in a framework which emphasizes the development of personal and leadership skills in a wholesome, social, fun Jewish environment.

OTYG is student-led and engages in social action, religious and cultural activities, and many social events.

Contact Information

Ben Mazur
Director of Congregational Learning