This year’s Purim Spiel is a short film created by a crack team of writers and producers that will premiere during Temple Israel’s Masquerade Wine Tasting fundraiser on March 15.

But before the Spiel can be shown, it first must be filmed, and that’s where YOU come in.

We need multiple videos of congregants for some unique “crowd scenes” that are in the script. There are a few scenes in the Spiel in which the “crowd” will yell “Yay!” or “Boo!” And we’d like anyone and everyone, even if you don’t want to try out for a bigger role, to participate in this.

Here’s what we needs for these scenes:

  1. Hold your smartphone horizontally
  2. Film a few seconds of yourself jubilantly yelling “YAY!” or angrily screaming “BOO!” Or both. Feel free to send multiple videos with both reactions.
  3. Email your video clips to Wendy Goldberg.

Please email your clips no later than Friday, March 7.

If you’re interested in a larger role in the Spiel, please contact Program Director Wendy Goldberg. Please keep in mind that while casting is open to all, the Purim Spiel will premiere at the adults-only wine tasting fundraiser.

Our thanks to writers, producers and directors Avery Mazor, Amy Schweid, Joi Brown, Colin Brown, Patrick Jensen and Sharon Sobel.

We think this Spiel will be a lot of fun, but we need your help to pull it off. Contact Wendy Goldberg if you’d like to audition or if you have any questions. Let’s make this year’s Purim Spiel one for the ages!