On Christmas, about a dozen Temple Israel congregants volunteered at the Stephen Center homeless shelter to help serve a holiday lunch to the individuals and families who reside there.

Headed up by Larry Gendler, the Temple Israel contingent, including Beth Brodkey, Debbie and Steve Chasen, Dennis DePorte, Jill Idelman, Susan Lehr, Dan Marburg and his son Solomon, Jon Meyers, Jennifer Meyerson, Iris and Martin Ricks, Claudia Sherman, Louri and Charlie Sullivan, and their kids, Josh, Rachel and Tommy, and Allyson Wilczewski donated and prepared food for approximately 80 people at Stephen Center, near 27th and Q streets.

“Probably 10 or more were very young children,” Larry Gendler said. “And, although we don’t typically serve folks off the street, we did provide food for some who came in out of the cold.”

Gendler, who has been volunteering at Stephen Center for about eight years, said the amount of food donated this year exceeded previous years’.

“This was really one of our most successful years in the amount of food prepared and donated by Temple members,” Gendler said. “And this time of year having the extra food is a huge help particularly since the numbers grow as the temperature drops. The leftovers are also important since they can be used as lunch and dinner the following day, and for sandwiches for those who take meals with them if they are working.

Temple Israel members served turkey, brisket, chicken, potatoes, corn, green bean casserole and salad, with cookies and pie for dessert.

Whenever a month has a fifth Sunday, volunteers from Temple Israel, led by Don’L Dacey, visit Stephen Center to serve meals.

“None of us do this for publicity,” Gendler said.