BrandonThomasBeginning this year, we will be presenting the Brandon Thomas Pursuit of Passion Scholarship to two of our graduating seniors. Brandon was just shy of graduation from the Institute for the Culinary Arts when he died at age 21 from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident. Brandon was passionate about his career choice and was a loving and caring friend to all who knew him. When asked to describe Brandon, his Mother Andie Gordman said, “Brandon had a passion for culinary arts, he knew from a young age he always wanted to be a chef. Thanksgiving was absolutely his favorite holiday and he couldn’t wait to help plan the menu and cook the meal.”

On Friday, May 22, during services, the Brandon Thomas Pursuit of Passion Scholarship is being presented to Madison Eisenberg and Rachel Stoneking. Madison will be attending Metro Community College this fall to study general education. She has been very active working with children as a nanny and volunteering at Wildlife Encounter, where she has helped children to learn the importance of animals in our world. Rachel will be attending the University of Nebraska next year and will be studying to become a veterinarian.

The evening will conclude with an Oneg after services. The Oneg is sponsored by Elly and Bob Gordman, Andie Gordman and Dan Fitzgerald and Lindsey Thomas in celebration of Brandon Thomas and all of the graduating seniors.