Shabbat Shira takes its name from “The Song at the Sea” (Shirat HaYam), in Parsha B’shalach from Chapter 15 in the book of Exodus. The language is poetic; it is one of the places in the Torah that is instantly recognizable due to its use of a column layout. This is said to reflect both the waves of the sea and the bricks that the Israelites labored with as slaves in Egypt. Shabbat Shira is dedicated to the crossing of the Red Sea, after which we sang joyfully the words of Mi Chamocha: “Who is like you, O God, majestic in holiness, awesome in splendor, working wonders? Adonai will reign forever and ever!” It is a Shabbat dedicated to music and song.

We will celebrate Shabbat Shira by joining our choir Kol Rina with the St. Paul United Methodist Church choir. They will sing with each other the final weekend in January. We will host St. Paul and their minister at Friday, January 26, services, and they will host us and Rabbi Stoller on Sunday, January 28. I hope you will attend both and enjoy the music with us. January is a good time to let music lift you up.