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An experience like no other!
For the Reform teen looking for the ultimate in life experience, EIE is the time of a lifetime. For over 40 years, the Reform Movement has been sending youth to Israel to this four-month accredited premiere high school program.

Spend a fall or spring semester abroad and experience:

  • the celebration of Reform Judaism and progressive Jewish life in Israel.
  • kibbutz living at Kibbutz Tzuba and integration with kibbutz families.
  • a program filled with Reform values and ideas.
  • the “Israel: Land, People, Cultures” challenging Jewish studies course which includes field trips throughout Israel.
  • fully accredited General Studies courses.
  • Ulpan – intensive Hebrew language immersion instruction.
  • the “Gadna” Army experience, Negev Desert, and “Sea to Sea” hiking expeditions.
  • week-long Poland Pilgrimage.

Check out for information on registration, trip costs and security information. Want to talk to someone who has experienced EIE or is planning on going? Contact Interim Religious School Coordinator Lori Bennett, 556-6536, and she will make that happen!

NFTY Adventure – 4 Weeks in Israel
The NFTY Adventure program is a unique and challenging four-week summer experience created especially for teens who seek a meaningful and exciting journey to Israel.

You’ll have opportunities to meet Israeli teens, ride a camel, snorkel in the Red Sea, mountain bike, join in a real archeological dig, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, celebrate Shabbat in Jerusalem, buy some sandals, eat a falafel, and have the most amazing time of your life!

Before you leave for Israel you’ll select a Chavaya (special interest) module. During your stay you’ll spend four days pursuing your own interests. Choose from Yam L’Yam (Sea to Sea), Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World in Israel), Indiana Jones in Israel (Archeological dig), Gadna (Army training) and Tel Aviv’s Tarbut (Arts & Culture).

When you do return home, you’ll have wonderful memories of your journey. More important, you’ll have newfound pride in yourself, your people and your land.

More information can be found at

Keshet – The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel