The community has seen the completion of many important milestones since the Tri-Faith Initiative incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2006. In 2011, a piece of land was purchased in the Sterling Ridge development near 132nd and Pacific Streets. In 2013, Temple Israel completed construction of a new synagogue. Just this past spring, American Muslim Institute completed construction of a mosque and educational center and Countryside Community Church broke ground for a new church. And in the first quarter of 2018, the Tri-Faith board of directors expects to have a new executive director in place to lead the organization into the future.

The search is being conducted by Koya Leadership Partners, a national executive search firm dedicated to placing exceptionally talented leadership at mission-driven organizations and institutions of higher education. With respect to its core values of impact, diversity, respect and innovation, the company is widely known for providing customized, strategic and innovative support and services for acquiring and retaining exceptional talent.

“The new executive director, who will report to and partner with the Tri-Faith board of directors and the clergy leading the three congregations while setting a clear vision and providing thoughtful, strategic direction for our organization. This will include oversight of the planning and building of the future Tri-Faith Center,” said Dr. Maryanne Stevens, RSM, the chair for Tri-Faith board of directors. “He or she will also be responsible for setting direction to fulfill the organization’s mission and commitments to the Omaha community while establishing a global presence as a pioneer and leader in interfaith relationships.”

“We are seeking an executive director with a sincere passion for interfaith relationships and exchange, who will understand the significance of this unique opportunity. We expect this person to embody a high level of leadership and superior ability to convey the organization’s vision into relationships for its constituents,” said Bob Freeman, who serves on the Tri-Faith board of directors. Freeman is also a member of the Temple Israel congregation and a past Tri-Faith board chairman.

The executive director will also be expected to catalyze research, reflection, discussion and action that further elevates Tri-Faith as the leading model of peaceful and flourishing co-existence and interfaith interdependence. The executive director will provide leadership and vision to multiple sets of stakeholders including the three faith groups on the Tri-Faith campus, the Omaha community (i.e., donors, the religion departments at the University of Nebraska Omaha and Creighton University, various faith communities, and social justice entities), and national and international interfaith communities.

A select group of qualified candidates has been identified through Koya’s nationwide search and the first interviews are now underway. The Tri-Faith board of directors expects to complete the hiring process by early spring of next year.  

Vic Gutman & Associates will continue to provide project management and communication services to the Tri-Faith Initiative for the foreseeable future and will assist in the onboarding process for the new executive director in 2018. The new executive director will initially work out of office space at the Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus until the eventual completion of the Tri-Faith Center.