What is the Tri-Faith Initiative?

The Tri-Faith Initiative is an unprecedented and bold interfaith endeavor in America’s heartland which:

  • Includes members of three leading Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), co-locating congregations in intentional relationship on one 35-acre plot of land.
  • In developing an interfaith center which will facilitate learning and respect across lines of difference in Omaha and well beyond.
  • Has a vision to practice respect, develop acceptance, and build trust, in order to learn from each other, foster empathy, overcome stereotypes, and counter the influence of fear and misunderstanding.
  • Is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in 2006 and located in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Is a $65 million project with the majority of all funds coming from local support to date.


Who are the Tri-Faith partners?

  • Temple Israel is a local Reform Jewish congregation founded in Nearly 750 families belong to the congregation, which strives to bridge tradition and modernity linking the community’s rich history with fresh approaches to spirituality.
  • Countryside Community Church, United Church of Christ is a local congregation formed in 1949. On April 12, 2015, the congregation voted to become the Christian presence on the Tri-Faith commons. Countryside is an open, inclusive, and affirming family of faith with a long tradition of interfaith collaboration.
  • American Muslim Institute (AMI) is a local, autonomous nonprofit organization founded in 2006. AM l’s mission is to promote a better understanding of Islam in the Western world, both within the Muslim and Non-Muslim communities. AMI is a non-denominational mosque and welcomes Muslims from all schools of thought and seeks to affirm the core values of Islam: acceptance, compassion, equality, justice, and peace.


What is the timeline for the development of the Tri-Faith commons?

  • Temple Israel completed construction of its new synagogue in 2013.
  • The American Muslim Institute completed construction on its mosque and educational center and opened in spring 2017.
  • Countryside Community Church broke ground on its new church in summer 2017 and plans to complete construction in spring 2019.
  • The Tri-Faith Center, the fourth building on the commons, and a $2 million iconic bridge, will be completed in early 2020.


What is the purpose of the Tri-Faith center?

  • The Tri-Faith Center will be a place to act, learn, and gather. We will promote policies protecting religions and democracies, and unite our diverse voices to challenge extremism.
  • Our educational mission will inform and develop understanding about the history, beliefs, rituals, and practices of the Abrahamic faiths through curriculum materials, multimedia exhibits, games, films, lectures, and other We will celebrate religious and cultural differences and our common commitment to justice.
  • Beyond the three founding congregations, we will invite the participation of the broader religious community of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, both locally and across the globe. All programs of the Tri-Faith Center will be open to the general public regardless of faith affiliation.